Premium maple 2-piece 48 inch 16oz short cue. This short cue assists in playing shots in cramped located around the pool table.

The Premium 48″ cue is an ideal cue length for junior players 52″ to 58″ tall and promotes improved cue control and accuracy.

• Hardrock Maple Pro taper shaft
• High quality 13mm leather cue tip
• 1 inch fibre ferrule
• Irish Linen Wrap Grip
• Durable steel joint
• Suitable for home or commercial use

Premium short cues are available in assorted cue lengths.
36″ Premium junior cue 12oz (recommended size for children less than 48″ tall)
42″ Premium junior cue 14oz (recommended size for children 48″ to 52″ tall)
48″ Premium junior cue 16oz (recommended size for children 52″ to 58″ tall)
52″ Premium junior cue 18oz (recommended size for children 58″ or taller)

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 56 × 6 × 4 cm